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How I Met the Lamb

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Before “The Triumph of the Lamb” conference, the Lamb was entirely a mystery to me. He was a paradox, a being so holy as to be beyond my comprehension. And He remains that, but now I have glimpsed Him and my life will never be the same.

Where there is no vision, the people perish…
Proverbs 29:18 KJV

A Vision of the Lamb

A Vision of the Lamb
I am constantly in need of a vision for my life. I recently realized that there’s a kind of restlessness that heralds the rise of that need. I have an overriding vision for my life and it’s both simple and enormous: Jesus Christ. My life is lived for, lived in, lived through, lived by, and lived with Jesus Christ. That will never change. But there are more specific visions that I’ve received over the years that mark the seasons of my life. I was ready for a new one, and at the conference, I received it.

This vision for my life is intensely personal, but I feel led to share one aspect of it, and that is the Marriage of the Lamb. I have often despaired at how disconnected I’ve felt about the Marriage of the Lamb. This is the culminating event of the universe and I could barely comprehend it, let alone anticipate it with my whole heart. It seemed so removed from my daily life! And I’ve been ashamed at how little genuine feeling I’ve had for it.

The Marriage of the Lamb

The Marriage of the Lamb
See, I now know what it is to love my life. I know more every day about what it is to be loved and about what it means to love. I can’t remember the last time I was bored because our God is so vast and mysterious that even a few minutes of sleepy contemplation is an adventure of meeting Him. And the thought of losing my life with Him, where I am His and He is mine, seemed horrible. I couldn’t comprehend the Marriage of the Lamb, so I feared it rather than desired it.

I’ve finally had a small seeing of this event and I don’t have words for it. It wasn’t a heavenly vision of the Marriage itself, more a flicker of understanding the eternal promise that will be fulfilled. I grasped just enough to see that my whole life, God’s dream of me, is realized in the Marriage of the Lamb. It’s one thing to be told that, and it’s another thing entirely to have the Lord touch your heart and impart His own unspeakable JOY over it directly into you. As with everything else in this beautiful life, it’s not enough to read it or say it or hear it. You have to choose it, walk it, breathe it, LIVE IT.

Martha said that her desire was for the people who heard the messages of “The Triumph of the Lamb” to have a personal encounter with the Lord through it. Her prayer was certainly answered because that’s what happened to me. I met the Lamb and I was changed by it. I have a new vision for the next season of my life, and I have something new to look forward to, something higher and holier than I will ever have words for: the Marriage of the Lamb.

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