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Jesus’ Blood versus an Engram

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As I wrote my last post about the Blood, I really began to survey my life to see where the Blood seemed to remain powerless. When dealing with current sins and failures, I can take communion and feel the amazing release and freedom that only the Blood offers. There’s a washing that the Blood performs on our soul where afterwards we feel light and clean and fresh. It’s supposed to be this way. Cleansing is one of the benefits of the Blood of Christ. But another benefit is justification, and in a few areas, I don’t feel justified.

In researching the Blood, I was also told about a message by Derek Prince called “How to Apply the Blood.” I highly recommend it!* In it, Prince shares how justification is one of the benefits of the Blood. He says that justification is “being made right, just as if I’ve never sinned.” As I said, most of the time I feel justified when I take communion. But there are areas where I feel the enemy still has a foothold to accuse me. So in looking at these areas, I see they are all beliefs from my childhood. Martha would call them “the engram of the soul” (engram: a hypothetical means by which memories are stored, i.e. the ruts and paths made by wounds that we can’t seem to get out of). It’s the lies that I believed when I was a child and now the enemy can come back and accuse me of those lies.

Well, as I was discussing this with Aaron, I told him how they train elephants in the circus. I’m not talking about the tricks that they perform, but how they contain that ginormous beast. Think about it, you’re in a tent where you can’t easily escape and there in the ring is a 3 to 5 ton beast that could easily kill masses of people as he stampedes through the crowds. How do they control him…with peanuts? Nope!

When an elephant is very small, they tie his leg with a very large chain connected to a stake in the ground. That elephant calf pulls and pulls against the unmovable, unbreakable chain and becomes discouraged. He’s just no match for that chain’s strength and is mentally bound by the memory of an unbreakable barrier. When the elephant grows up, the trainer trades the large, unyielding chain with a very small rope, one the now-grown elephant could easily break. Yes, this massive mammal is now held mentally by a carefully placed engram. This is how we become bound as well.

As unsaved youth, our struggles build engrams in our souls. We didn’t have the power to break free because we didn’t have the saving power of Jesus. We pull and pull against insurmountable obstacles. These bondages tell our inner child we will never be free. We build faith in the obstruction. So when we come to Christ, we have to leave our false confidences and place faith in His Blood.

It’s a big work. And learning the scriptural power of the Blood is a huge part. When you know what was purchased through the Blood, then you can apply the Blood to your life. Faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17). So learning the truth about the Blood is paramount.

Now that I have access to the arsenal given to me by Christ in His Blood, I can proclaim the scriptural realities over my engrams. Christ’s Blood is the life of my Creator. My partaking of His Blood is infusing me with His Life! It does call for Faith, but my beliefs in the power of a shackle can be radically broken through applying the precious Blood of Christ.


*I took notes on Prince’s message and I’m willing to share them with you. The notes aren’t personal, they’re a list of the Scriptures he uses as well as all the confessions he speaks on the Blood. I found them to be really helpful while following along with his message. If you want them, simply ask in the comments and I’ll gladly send them to you.

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