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What Does My God Look Like?

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Face to Face with My Concept of God

What Does God Look Like
While I was looking for some pictures to be used on this blog and in the Shulamite Podcast, (view podcasts along the right side of this page) I came across a slew of images attempting to represent the Most High. Each of them was a simple perception of who God is or what He could possibly look like if He was one of us. The range went from ethereal to downright demonic.

What Does God Look Like
Our concept of God varies so much. As I looked through these depictions, I realized what I was seeing. I was witnessing the artist’s own mirrored reflection as an image of God. Our creativity is usually limited to our scope and view. And who we look at the most is ourselves in a mirror. We believe God to be just like ourselves. So who do we think God is? What does my God look like?

These things you have done and I kept silent; you thought I was once entirely like you. But [now] I will reprove you and put [the charge] in order before your eyes.
Psalm 50:21 AMP

Our perception of God actually reveals more of who we are than who He is. And it’s formative. Our literal destiny and personhood is created by our concept of God.

Who Does My God Look Like?

What Does God Look Like
So, if He were just exactly who I think He is, who would I see if I stood before Him right now? Would God be my earthly father, a cruel taskmaster, an insipid impotent, Santa Claus, a squalling baby, an ethereal ball of light, a cool hippie, a buddy, the myriad of authority figures I’ve known in my life? Who does my God look like? Who is He in my actuality? Remember, if my life is formed by my concept of God, I better know.

What Does God Look Like
Now let’s view this in reverse. If I look deeply into the mirror, who is my God? My reflection reveals my belief of God. Who am I? Am I mean, cynical and unforgiving, complacent or indulgent, pastoral, loving, gracious and merciful? Who I am, is who I believe Him to be.

My Idea of God

As I write this, I’m reminded of the life-changing booklet, The Great Lie by Martha Kilpatrick. In it she says these amazing words:

“Your life is an expression of your idea of God. Notice I didn’t say, ‘Your idea is an expression of God.’  I said, ‘Your life is an expression – of your idea – of God.’ You are living out, and living by, and expressing, and manifesting, and creating…your concept of God. You are like who you think He is. You are just exactly like who you think He is. So it is crucial that who you think He is, be the right perception.”

What does my God Look Like
These words have pierced me every time I have read them. “My life is an expression of my idea of God!” My idea of God has certainly morphed in my 47 years. I can say at certain points He was indistinguishable from my earthly father—the two were one. Then as I walked with God in an actual relationship, I realized He was very different. As long as I responded to Him as if He was my dad, we didn’t really make a great connection. Then He became a friend as I sought Him in a seeker-friendly church. Jesus was my buddy! But this image didn’t work either. Though He is a friend, He was so different than a common buddy. Onward His image evolved and as Martha’s quote implies, so have I. As I changed, so did my concept of God…or has it been as my concept of God has changed, so have I?

What Does God Look Like
Reflecting back over these pictures of man’s concept of God, I just began to think, “Am I locking Him into an image of myself?” Do I let Him be Himself? Does He have the freedom to manifest Himself as He wishes or do I contain Him in my perception?

I wonder if the meaning of being transformed into the image of Christ is literally having my life becoming the very expression of my idea of God. And as He makes Himself known to me and I see Him more clearly all the time, my image changes in my own eyes as well. I more and more resemble Jesus as I allow Him to erase my opinions, suspicions, and concepts so that I can receive Him in His reality.

…and have put on the new self. You are being renewed in knowledge according to the image of your Creator.
Colossians 3:10 HCSB

What Does God Look Like

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