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Years of working with different platforms – and discovering what works and what doesn’t – have led us here! Trying to host all of Shulamite Ministries’ content on one website was an enormous challenge, and one that the Holy Spirit solved beautifully and simply: He created a separate online bookstore.

Our partners at App Studios found a great platform and really worked with John to create a clean and unique visual style. A great deal of work goes into creating an ecommerce site that is both visually appealing and easy-to-use, and we now have a much greater appreciation for the talent and attention-to-detail behind these websites. We also believe that LivingChristianBooks.com is one of those sites.

Ultimately, this website is our way of keeping the works of great saints readily available for all believers, corporate and private alike. We carry authors whose lives continuously bear fruit for the Lord because they heard Him, loved Him and obeyed Him—even unto death. We have near-complete collections of the works of Andrew Murray, Watchman Nee and Oswald Chambers as well as classics by Fenelon, Madame Guyon, Francis Frangipane, Brother Lawrence and more. These books, booklets, and audio series are timeless because they reveal the Person of Jesus Christ in all His splendor and mystery. It is a privilege to carry these works, and we offer a deep discount on most to make it as easy as possible to obtain them.

We hope that you find this store easy to navigate and a pleasure to search. Should you have difficulty finding what you need, we are available to help you by phone. May God bless you as you read or listen and draw ever closer to Him!

Conquered by the Blood

Conquered by the Blood

Are you free of guilt and shame? The Blood of the Lamb is the ONLY solution to the human condition…have you received it?

Freedom Awaits
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