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#147 The One Light

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1 John 1:9 NASB
There it was–the true Light [was then], coming into the world [the genuine, perfect, steadfast Light] that illumines every person.

John understood Jesus as the ‘true Light.’ The transforming glory is the Light of Christ and the Light is His glory.

Only Christ is Light.  He is the Source of Light. There is no other light. Outside of Christ all is darkness.

Our sun was created to represent Christ’s Light because it creates its own fire and light and is the reflective source of other lights ­– moon and stars.

To consider the sun is to understand the power of light. Sunlight is the source of plant life and all vegetation. The sun purifies and kills, makes fire (with glass) and makes living food. Everything in the entire earth is dependent on the sun for life. We have learned to use and harness the enormous energy of the sun by solar power.

The sun is for the light of the earth. The Son is for the Light of humanity.

We need to see the Light and glory of Christ as the most tremendous power available to mankind. His light cleanses, heals, transforms, creates life and sustains life. The true Light that is our Lord, is unconquerable and triumphant over darkness.

Norman Grubb said, “All is really light trapped.”  This statement is true. Unimaginable but true.

“Let there be light.”  Creation began with Light! All things in the universe were born out of, created from light.

The Word who is Christ is creative, enduring, eternal Light. And it is this Light that transfigures us into His image. Such is the power of beholding His light in His glory!

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