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#99 A Story of Obedience, Part 2

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The Power of Obedience

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The pastor of this church was a man with the gift of great mercy. All his heart went out to this poor woman. Yet as he spoke to his congregation, he seemed to blame me for provoking her breakdown.

I was suffering greatly because of the incident. I desperately wanted to just pack my bags and go home. I was staying on by the sheer thread of what I knew was God’s will… God wasn’t releasing me.

The whole event seemed ruined. We had no heart to continue. The pastor had no sympathy for my anguish (only for the screaming woman) and was puzzled at what happened. It appeared to be the opposite of what we had all prayed would take place. When the pastor spoke to me in private, he questioned God’s choice of me for the conference. “I could have asked several very prominent speakers, Martha, but God gave me your name.” The tone of his unspoken words said: “And why did God send YOU?” In silence, I heartily agreed with him. Why had God sent me?

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