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#89 Seeing the Father

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Watchman Nee from the book Worship God:

“To know Him as Father is a personal relationship but to know Him as God is knowing His official and exalted standing in the universe. Many know Him as Father, but they do not know Him as God.

“What is worship? It is simply this: that I recognize that He is God and that I am but a man. When I see Him as Father, I am saved. When I see Him as God, I am finished and done with. For when we see Him as God, we can only fall down humbly and worship. The whole matter rests upon our seeing. Worship does not arise from the Blood – as precious as the Latter is: worship comes only from seeing. It does not come because we see doctrine. It is revelation.

“Praise and worship is something objective, thanksgiving is something subjective. Know the Father and the heart will be filled with joy. Know God and the heart will be filled with glory. Glory cannot be explained, but those who see God know that glory is.”

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