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#103 A Story of Obedience, Part 6

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The Power of Obedience

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The screaming woman went on to become the hungriest Christian in that church. She came to every meeting, even committee meetings, seeking God and seeking to know Him, with great hunger for His Word. She counted her healing from the very day of her collapse at the Prayer Conference. My team had prayed mightily over her, even though she cursed them as they prayed. And she was set free…by Jesus Christ! Not me. Not anyone but the Savior.

As I remember this time (many years ago now) to write about it, a bubbling joy rises in me, a deep chuckle. There was never a problem. Not with the sick lady, the church people, or the pastor. And not with me. It was all God’s orchestration—His sovereign reign and His glorious purpose! His will IS a delight…ALWAYS…even in the worst of situations!

Whatever it was I said that provoked her, God so cared for that woman that He deliberately sent me to say what would push her over the edge and into His arms. In God’s will, Jesus reigns and, as a byproduct, I win also. His secret purpose is accomplished in spite of us, moving outside and inside of us.

Hallelujah! Glory to the God who reigns!

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