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#42 Christ, the Precious Cornerstone

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So this is what the Sovereign Lord says, Behold I lay in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation…
Isaiah 28:16 NIVUK

…a chosen and precious cornerstone…
1 Peter 2:6 NIVUK

From searching the scriptures about the Stone as representing Christ, I believe that the Stone is as a jewel – rare, priceless and extremely beautiful. The word ‘precious’ here means costly, valuable. The earth gives glimpses of His beauty in nature. Jewels and precious stones are mentioned in connection with visions of the throne and heaven.

Our Precious Cornerstone

Isaiah wrote in chapter 54: “I will set your stones in antimony and lay your foundations with sapphires.” This is the Lord! The Stone can be glimpsed only in this symbol: a priceless jewel!

The beauty of the Lord at His return will be beyond imagination, more exquisite than anything ever seen in the universe. The facets of His brightness will obliterate darkness. His majestic beauty will eliminate all the ugly stain of sin on this earth.

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