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#146 Jesus, the Light

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John 1:4 NASB
In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men.

John the Beloved gave himself unreservedly to a profound relationship with the Lord. It was carefully recorded that he leaned on Jesus’ breast at the Last Supper. His writings (Gospel of John, 1/2/3 John, Revelation) focus on this personal connection to Christ. “If anyone hears…and opens” (Rev. 1:5).

John’s revelation of Christ was so vastly eternal. He saw Jesus as the Word, the Beginning and the End. He understood Jesus as the vessel of creation (v. 3).

John’s first and most central subject was relationship with Jesus. And it was from this intimate focus on Jesus, that John could see Him so clearly, with such eternal understanding of the Son of God.

His second subject, having a large place in his writings was LIGHT. John had a comprehension of Jesus that was unique among the disciples. He understood that the essence of Jesus’ life could be described only as Light. This too, was relation to the Son. He is the “Light of men.”

The Greek word ‘Light’ means ‘light in contrast to darkness,’ and it also means ‘as emitted from a luminous body.’ Jesus glowed with Light and John recognized His inner being as LIGHT, that invisible presence in and on Him.

Most people never saw this divine Light. Such was John’s spiritual perception that he did see and was forever smitten by the Light of Christ!

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