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"Without love you will have no destiny, no purpose, and no fulfillment. You need to love God."

-Martha Kilpatrick
(Loving God: Why Am I?)

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A Letter to the Church

Every once in a while, the Lord issues a very specific message for the part of His Body that is Shulamite Ministries. The April 2015 Message of the Month, A Letter to the Church, is one of those messages.

Where there is no vision, the people perish…
Proverbs 29:18 KJV

The Purpose of a Letter to the Church

We need a vision outside of ourselves in order to flourish as individual believers, and we especially need a vision for what God desires of us as church. The New Testament is almost entirely comprised of letters to a church, full of encouragement and admonition, instruction and discipline, and all in service to a larger vision of evangelism or discipleship or prophetic revelation. Paul’s letters alone are transcendent with a heavenly vision for believers seeking the Kingdom. Without God’s vision for His people, the individual call is missing the higher purpose God calls us to serve. He works on many levels at once, and as individual worshippers who compose the Body of Christ, so do we. Without God’s vision ­– His specific call on the Body – we perish.

Andrew Murray’s timeless book, The State of the Church, is another excellent example of vision igniting the hearts of God’s people. From Murray:

“Does not membership in the church imply that the measure of Christ’s surrender for our salvation is the only true measure of our own surrender to Him and His service? 

“This is a solemn thought. Is it really true? I think it must be true. And yet how few Christians there are who take time to think it out. One almost feels as if a minister who uses such an expression, and has the vision of what it really means, could have no rest until he has lifted up his voice like a trumpet and called to the church, ‘Awake, you Christians, to your high calling!’ Let your heart respond, ‘Nothing less, by the grace of God, shall be the measure of my surrender to the Person and the service of this blessed Redeemer.’” 

In A Letter to the Church, Martha shares no less passionately what the Lord has wrought in her personal life in preparation for His call on Shulamite Ministries. As always, the Lord has greater purpose for the fire that He brings than just the purification of a single life. Martha’s response to the fire brought by the Holy Spirit is a heart aflame: “I’m on fire for us to be FIRE!”

If you call Shulamite Ministries your church, then this is a message you simply cannot afford to miss. God has a purpose for this little flock of sheep, and the vision He’s shared is absolute Life to this Body. To share His vision is to have hope when the training gets hard, to be encouraged when discipline comes, and to burn with zeal when the enemy attacks your resolve. God is on the move and He is faithful to ready His church!

Who maketh His angels spirits, His ministers a flaming fire…
Psalm 104:4 KJV

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