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"In devastating helplessness, faith is found, when there is nothing else to hold you."

-John Enslow
(Door to Omni-Possibilites)

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The Eagle Has Landed! Altogether Forgiven

Altogether Forgiven Has Finally Arrived!

There were more than a few tears of joy when Martha, John, and the Shulamites got their first look at the advanced copies of Altogether Forgiven. If you only knew the years of prayer, surrender, and waiting behind it! As discussed in recent episodes of the Shulamite Podcast, the whole of Shulamite Ministries had the privilege of taking part in some small way in the publishing of this beautiful book. And we are so excited to send this jewel out to the hungry hearts in need of the wisdom, hope, and LIFE it carries!

Altogether Forgiven delves into the great universe of forgiveness, including many areas we don’t typically associate with the issue of forgiving, such as disappointment. Someone or something has disappointed each of us at some point. But what does disappointment have to do with forgiveness?

Sneak Peek into Altogether Forgiven

Martha Kilpatrick Altogether Forgiven“When you are disappointed in a person, do you forgive them their failure? Not yet. You first ask forgiveness for having expectations. Expectations are a waiting pit, an open grave of your own digging that trips you for a long plunge into bitterness.

“Humanity cannot be trusted. Humanity cannot be holy. The Cross proves it. If our best and highest human goodness is nothing but foul and smelly rags, fit only of death (Is. 64:6), then how can we have any expectations of anyone? To understand that “I cannot do what I want to do” (Romans 7) is to comprehend that no one else can either, apart from the Life that Saves (Romans 8).

“If I can do nothing, how wrong is it to expect anyone else to do right?

“When I expect my own idea of what a person should do or be, I am setting myself up to be offended, not so much by the person’s failure but by my own expectations! When I do not (as Jesus) “believe” in humanity, then I am not going to struggle unendingly with forgiveness.

“Where there are no expectations, there are no offenses. Where there are no offenses, there is no need to forgive.”

As this powerful excerpt shows, Altogether Forgiven takes its reader far beyond the basic premise of forgiveness. Martha Kilpatrick reveals the much sought-after freedom and blessing of living forgiving. In a world gone mad, this book holds the revelation of Christ that we need. It also reveals an awesome power that too few believers know how to wield.

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