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"A lot of people will get religious to avoid repentance."

-Martha Kilpatrick
(Loving God: Seeing Him)

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Crossed a Finish Line Altogether Forgiven

It’s true, it is true! Altogether Forgiven is DONE.

We have crossed a major finish line. Martha finished writing her newest book, Altogether Forgiven. Now the process of editing and formatting begins. We are aiming for an October release and will have the final date from the printers once it is submitted. We will announce it here and allow for pre-orders at

In this video, we let down our hair and include some bloopers for you. We released the original videos on Facebook but we leave this one for YOU, our family. Family is able to smile and enjoy the foibles and bloopers of other family members. So this is why we share this with you!

This video is a celebration of living all together forgiven! With the soon release of Altogether Forgiven we thought you would enjoy seeing our promised video. Sorry we weren’t able to release it last weekend but as some of you know, we were finishing it and just didn’t have the time to complete this. I am actually pleased with the delay as the videos we ended up getting after we got home are great!

Altogether Forgiven Coming Soon . . .

Altogether Forgiven The anointing on this book is so high. Martha’s other titles are amazing but this one somehow reaches higher to a new level of anointing. I believe Altogether Forgiven will set people free and give a way to open people to their destiny. Unforgiveness is prevalent and deadly. But Martha reveals how to forgive, how to know you are forgiven, the ultimate purpose of forgiveness, and the dynamic reason your forgiveness is so important. You life will never be the same as you embrace forgiveness as a lifestyle. And you will then enter your eternal destiny, of which unforgiveness stands in the way. Altogether Forgiven is a celebration of living all together forgiven!

Watch for the notifications about pre-order availability of Altogether Forgiven.


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