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"If you will be ruled by God, He will rule through you."

-Martha Kilpatrick
(Hearing God: Required as Vital)

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Fruit in Our Wilderness

On January 11, 2016, Martha Kilpatrick’s husband Kenneth passed away. There were months and months of difficulty and suffering beforehand, though grace and glory were also present. The Shulamite Ministries body walked with Martha and Kenneth in this wilderness and bore witness to the shocking amount of fruit that was continually produced in those challenging and painful times. So when Martha told us that the February Message of the Month was called “The Fruit of Our Wilderness,” it was the Holy Spirit’s own confirmation of what we’d seen and experienced for at least the last year.

The passage of time reveals what we cannot see when we’re neck deep in the wilderness: the fruit of the Spirit. Whether we’re dealing with spiritual barrenness, physical ailments, emotional trauma, the loss of a loved one, a work of separation, gut-wrenching repentance, or the loneliness that comes in calls to deeper solitude, the Holy Spirit is always at work. What a gift to come out on the other side and see that the suffering was not in vain!

The Purpose of Wilderness

This may be the most encouraging message Martha has given in the last few years because it provides the heavenly perspective of our passage through the wilderness. No one on this earth is exempt from a wilderness experience, and every one of us desperately needs to see a higher view of our times of suffering. More, we need to better understand the higher purpose of God at work in our lives when we’re in the thick of it. “The Fruit of Our Wilderness” does both.

Using the stories of Joseph, Esther, Daniel and many others, Martha illuminates the Bible as rife with wilderness stories. In fact, after listening to “The Fruit of Our Wilderness,” it will be difficult to read any part of the scriptures without seeing the fruit that was born in each of these wildernesses. Sometimes the greatest hope comes from seeing that we’re not alone in these painful times. God hasn’t singled us out; all of humanity will spend time in the fire. And if God is good – and He is! – and the wilderness is by design, then Love undergirds every moment of suffering and we can know that grace abounds there, even if we can’t see it just then.

Download “The Fruit of Our Wilderness” or buy it on CD at! To hear Martha’s incredible testimony of God’s glory in her husband’s passing, visit and listen to Episode #478, “The Mystery of Marriage: A Love Story.”

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