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"He gives us problems to drive us to Him so that HE might solve them and show us who He is."

-Martha Kilpatrick
(Loving God: God's Sovereignty)

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Very Naked: No Thoughts of My Own

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A blog about discovering a God worth knowing.
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I have chosen to lean, trust and confidently rely on Him and not me! I'm perpetually in the process of learning to wait for His defining of ALL situations. But there is a block to this. If I ever come to any situation with my thoughts or feelings rather than inquiring of Him. This extends even to asking Him, "Is this what You mean?" rather than questioning "What are You saying?" The former is still coming laden with MY thoughts, even if they relate to His.

It's coming with hands full, looking for His confirmation. That is not leaning. To "lean" is to go completely empty, looking for His filling. It’s coming with NO opinions, no thoughts and no strength, just empty and waiting.

My Thoughts versus God’s

My Thoughts versus God's
So often I have come to the table with a cornucopia of thoughts and opinion. But unless I am willing to come, having released them all, I can’t receive from the Lord. Empty is the only position to receive, because God will not make mixture.

But I could say, "I don’t want to come empty. It is too vulnerable. It’s scary!" Yes, it is. To trust and completely rely on someone else, even God, is to be very naked. Why do you think Adam and Eve clothed themselves? When they chose the Tree of Knowledge, the rift was made and their vulnerability was created. Prior to their choice to separate their thoughts from God’s, they were not exposed. His thoughts covered them COMPLETELY. We have to again choose to receive His covering.

Refusing to Know My Thoughts

Refusing to Know My Thoughts
It is a choice for the lifetime habit of refusing to know. It is like a muscle we have to strengthen. And unfortunately, the atrophying of self-will takes time. We must be willing to wait and be silent. But what stands opposed is our obsession to KNOW. I personally am deciding to never know again.

You know the relational phrase,

"You can be RIGHT or you can be happy,
but you can't be BOTH."

Well, I would like to rephrase that for relating to God,

"You can KNOW or you can know Him,
but you can't have BOTH."

When we lust to know in our Adamic nature, God has no compulsion to fight our free will. If we prefer our knowledge over His, He will let us coddle our thoughts. But the result of this stance is death and isolation.

The Secret of My Thoughts

The Secret of My Thoughts
There is a secret here. You will never know the opinions you have to abandon without being in touch with your heart. So you can't even come empty without being aware of your own heart. Feeling what you feel and knowing what you are feeling. We have to know our personal barrier to God’s choice, and then be willing to relinquish it. This is impossible without heart connection.

In Shakespeare's Hamlet, Polonius says, "To thine own self be true." This is part of the process. You must come to the Lord in the truth about what you feel, relinquishing it as meaningless, and accept His Truth as the only reality. But unless you know what is in your heart, you have nothing to lay down. We all have stuff to lay aside. To "blink out" that which festers there only causes blindness not liberation. It costs you everything but in return, you get Him.