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"When you limit the Creator, you as the creation are limited. When you restrict God, you will BE restricted."

-John Enslow
(Life Symphony)

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Heavenly Vessel or Soulish Ghoul?

Living Under Soulish Power

“We have a bewildering quandary about our soul and spirit. Often we cannot see the difference between the spirit and the soul.

“The old self is so strong that its ambition rises whenever we are tempted to be inferior or superior. Soul thinks it knows right and wrong. If you have ever been deceived, it was your soul that fell for the lie. Your spirit knows. The fallen soul believes it is spiritual, but it is only…religious! We believe it…and we listen to it, dead though it is. Is this of me? Or is this the Lord?

“Most of Christendom lives in the flesh of the old soul. The soul is the entrance and ground of the enemy, linked irrevocably to the darkness that parades as light.”
Martha Kilpatrick, The Inner Room (Hearing God Series)

It’s pretty hard to talk about the exchanged life at the heart of the Gospel without distinguishing between soul and spirit. And Martha has several teachings on the subject, not least of which is the foundational booklet quoted above. Each teaching delves into a different aspect of soul versus spirit, because it’s an issue that touches every single aspect of our lives. The September Message of the Month, I Think Therefore I Know, takes a closer look at the difference between thinking and listening.

From Soulish Self-Sufficiency to Spirit-Led Surrender

“The soul goes by several names: flesh, old self, sinful nature. The mutiny of the soul is to know apart from God.”
Martha Kilpatrick, I Think Therefore I Know

It takes training and discipline to become a listener first. It’s as natural as breathing for us to give full reign to every thought that bubbles up from the soul. And it’s even easier to assume that normal Christianity is thinking a problem through first and then asking God to bless the solution we conjure. To stop and wait for God’s word to come down to us is a whole new way of walking through this world. Moving from soulish self-sufficiency to Spirit-led dependence is a huge sanctification that every born-again believer must undergo.

I Think Therefore I Know addresses many of the pitfalls and surrenders involved in this bone-deep excavation of the Holy Spirit. It’s a message full of hope and wisdom gleaned from Martha’s own daily sanctification. If you’ve yet to experience the stunning brilliance of the mind of Christ, deftly solving the unsolvable with ease and joy, you need to hear I Think Therefore I Know.

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