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"God's love gives without any expectation of return."

-Martha Kilpatrick
(Loving God: Do You Love Me?)

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Just Believe!

“I think I have to do, I think I have to be, I think I have to change, I think I have to know, I think I have to work… No, I only have to believe all that He has given me.”
Martha Kilpatrick, The Solution

“This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He sent” (John 6:29). The Holy Spirit recently brought a deeper revelation of this verse and the work that Jesus describes. In particular, we have seen much about all the work we do that is neither necessary nor appreciated by our heavenly Father.

The Right Work is to Believe

No human life, no matter how it may appear from the outside, is without crisis and suffering. You will never meet another human being who has lived a life devoid of problems. Because of this truth, we are ever in need of a solution to new difficulties that arise. But most of us pursue this solution through effort and work.

We wrack our brains looking for a way out. We talk to people and read books, searching for the answer to our dilemma. We work so hard to find and access the solution to what ails us, but we fail to do the work God gave us: our work is to believe in Jesus.

There is a universe of spiritual riches and mystery in John 6:29 that too few believers grasp. In Martha’s Message of the Month for April, the New Covenant comes alive in all of its incredible promise. The Solution reveals just how complete our provision is in Jesus Christ, but it is a work to believe it.

It’s No Small Work to Believe

What might happen in our lives if we stopped striving and chasing and searching and begging and grasping after the provision we’ve already been given? What miracles would we witness if we instead worked to believe in all that Jesus truly is? It’s one thing to declare that Jesus is the only answer, as the New Covenant makes clear, but it’s something else entirely to believe that so completely that doubt cannot even find a toehold in your heart.

The Solution is a practical revelation of the lavish provision in the New Covenant, but it’s also a potent reminder that knowing about the New Covenant is a far cry from believing in it. Jesus called believing “work” for good reason. To believe in the fullness of Christ is a deep labor of love that each of us must personally engage in to experience for ourselves, “Christ in you, the hope of glory!”

Download “The Solution” or buy it on CD at! To hear Martha’s incredible testimony of God’s glory in her husband’s passing, visit and listen to Episode #478, “The Mystery of Marriage: A Love Story.”

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