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"If God wants something out of you, He will do it."

-Martha Kilpatrick
(Hearing God: Required as Vital)

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Read MK Book in the breeze

Read MK

Continuously updated, this collection of Martha's writings is for all in search of true intimacy with Christ.

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Shulamite Podcast listening ear

Shulamite Podcast

Join us as we delight in our amazing God and share the practical side of discipleship from our daily lives.

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Get Along with God Blog road in the desert headed towards Mountain

Get Along With God

A blog about discovering a God worth knowing.

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Stack of books carried at living Christian

Living Christian Books

Our secure, online store carries discounted, timeless works by authors who love Jesus Christ and pursue Him above all else.

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Shulamite App

All the newest content from Shulamite Ministries at the tap of your finger—devotions, blog posts, podcasts, new products and more!

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Not Just Another Message

DiscipleWith a focus on the “Who” and not the “how,” Shulamite Ministries has taught and discipled born-again believers all over the world for several decades now. We provide hundreds of free teachings for people in need, from burnt-out missionaries to those desperate for inner healing.

After God called us to a virtual mission field, Shulamite Ministries began to pray for the outposts needed, and the final piece is now in place: the redesigned and revamped! Easy to use and mobile-friendly, houses our ministry’s latest podcasts, devotions, blog posts and more. The uncluttered design allows readers to quickly find whatever they need.

Here is a hub for the prodigals and the truth seekers, the brokenhearted and the hungry—all who would discover a God worth knowing.

Shulamite-tilesIn search of unfiltered conversations about real life with Jesus Christ? Try the Shulamite Podcast. Need some manna in the morning? Sign up for daily devotions at ReadMK, the online library for Martha Kilpatrick. Interested in the ups and downs of discipleship? Stop by our blog,, or check out for timeless classics by those who’ve gone before. The free Shulamite App is also a great way for iPhone and iPad users to stay connected to our ministry while on the go. has a single, vital mission: to enable Shulamite Ministries to show forth and publish God’s praise from generation to generation (Ps. 79:13). We believe it does so quite well.


Not Just Another Message, But a Living Impartation

Who is Shulamite Ministries? The Shulamite was the maiden in Song of Solomon who loved the king and pursued Him. She represents the believer who loves Him above all loves. The name represents for us that we are a group drawn together and formed by the Lord Jesus Christ, and we seek Him above all.

For more information, please contact John Enslow at or call 678-648-9672.

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