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"Out of unbelief in who God is, you become empty in your mind. Fruitless and void of all truth."

-Martha Kilpatrick
(Loving God: God's Sovereignty)

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#14 A Wounded Husband in Agony

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Continuously updated, this collection of Martha‘s writings is for all in search of true intimacy with Christ.

Pursued by Love

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…the land commits flagrant harlotry, forsaking the Lord.
Hosea 1:2 NASB

Hosea is not just a book about an unfaithful wife. It’s the story of our wounded Lover-God in His agony that the people He “married” with utter commitment and unending care, preferred human and even demonic gods. Overlooked Him. Left Him. Forgot Him (Hosea 1:8-13).

The unfolding story is a divine touchstone. This husband-hearted God captures His “wife’s” affection to Himself alone, and makes her pure and faithful! Here’s how He did it…

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