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"When you see Him, when you know Him, you WILL love Him!"

-Martha Kilpatrick
(Loving God: Marys Who Loved Him)

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Read MK Book in the breeze

Read MK

Continuously updated, this collection of Martha's writings is for all in search of true intimacy with Christ.

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Shulamite Podcast listening ear

Shulamite Podcast

Join us as we delight in our amazing God and share the practical side of discipleship from our daily lives.

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Get Along with God Blog road in the desert headed towards Mountain

Get Along With God

A blog about discovering a God worth knowing.

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Living Christian Books

Our secure, online store carries discounted, timeless works by authors who love Jesus Christ and pursue Him above all else.

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Shulamite App

All the newest content from Shulamite Ministries at the tap of your finger—devotions, blog posts, podcasts, new products and more!

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Shulamite App



download shulamite app

The Shulamite App invites you to meet Jesus Christ as He truly is, as expressed through Shulamite Ministries and Teachings by Martha Kilpatrick and John Enslow magnify the centrality of Christ—knowing Him and making Him known. New content is automatically uploaded every day and available at the tap of your finger!

Newly updated, the Shulamite App was designed for ease of use. Whether it’s perusing one of Martha’s many articles or reading John’s latest post on our blog, you should find this app easy to navigate and fun to explore.


Customer Reviews

Filled with Light

by AFleuren - Nov 14, 2012

This app was so easy to integrate into my daily life. I often don't take the time to have quiet time in the Word, but now I use the app for a quick message after checking my email. Placing it in a folder with my Bible app gives me quick access to further study of a verse or passage. eLumination is lovely, and I love the Christmas post about the reason for the manger. A seeker will use this app!

This one goes to eleven

by Lynn1936 - Nov 14, 2012

Lovely design and easy to use (love how shaking my phones loads a new quote), but most importantly, there's substance here. The quotes really hit home, the podcasts are equal parts challenging, encouraging and fun, and the many articles tend to distill large truths to their essence with great clarity. An unusual find and I'll enjoy learning more and listening - thanks!

Excellent App

by Laurie Montgomery - Nov 14, 2012

I love how much thought went into this app. It's beautiful and rich with food of the spirit. I will be using it daily, I would like to see possibly ways to share quotes and verses within Facebook or SMS...


by Jdelec - Nov 14, 2012

Beautiful app with well-organized content. Great app to pick up and be enriched.

So exciting!

by flojo4jc - Nov 14, 2012

I am Beyond excited about this app. Martha & her team are hidden gems within the Body of Christ and the message that they embody is essential for these times. I'm so glad about this additional resource!

Shulamite Ministries

by TRC8 - Oct 3, 2013

Great app! Attractive, a good variety of media options. Applicable, spiritual messages for those seeking to follow Jesus Christ.

Great Update

by rcramer212 - Oct 23, 2013

This update makes the vast amount of Shulamite content across multiple platforms more easily accessed via phone or tablet. I start my day with it. It is also a great travel companion.


by claymade - Nov 1, 2013

Thank you guys for putting this out. I often get caught in life and miss listening to the podcasts weekly, having to catch up all at once several at a time. This app will let me keep current and give them the proper time to digest the thoughts and points made. You'll make my commute to work a delight, as if I was sitting with you in my living room. Oh and just to say, the quotes . . . um WOW! Like a devotional for meditation. Again thank you, I can see this was a lot of work and I will be one of many who will reap the benefits.

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