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"He indwells me to express Himself through me."

-John Enslow
(He Not Me)

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Continuously updated, this collection of Martha's writings is for all in search of true intimacy with Christ.

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Join us as we delight in our amazing God and share the practical side of discipleship from our daily lives.

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Get Along With God

A blog about discovering a God worth knowing.

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Podcasts and Manna and Blogs, Oh My!

After the Holy Spirit came so powerfully at The Triumph of the Lamb conference in June, it would not have been surprising to experience an extended time of quiet reflection. But though we have experienced this, the Spirit began burning far quicker and hotter than we ever anticipated! And it’s been a wild ride.

On all fronts, Shulamite Ministries is on fire for the Lord.

Shulamite Devotionals

For months now, Martha’s devotional series Rule and Reign Like Daniel has ignited our mornings with timeless revelation from the life of Daniel. Day after day brought deeper clarity on Daniel’s faith in the absolute sovereignty of God that ruled the rulers. Given the rising uncertainty and steady stream of trouble that flows over the world, this series holds both spiritual training and much-needed encouragement for believers from all walks of life.

Shulamite Message of the Month

Meanwhile, beginning with January’s teaching “The Way We Become Light,” the Message of the Month program has tackled some of the deepest, most difficult spiritual issues a disciple will face – and shows no signs of stopping. From receiving a love of the Truth to accessing the power of God, from choosing to be chosen to the crisis of discernment in the church, the Holy Spirit is moving through the Body of Christ like a gale-force wind. August’s message on the role of Jesus as Separator is a continuation of the heavenly assault on all things carnal.

Shulamite Podcast

The weekly Shulamite Podcast transitioned from a post-conference celebration of the Lamb to a Spirit-led exposé on an insidious false gospel that refuses the daily Cross and denies the existence of an accessible old nature. For the next few weeks, be sure to tune in as Martha and John, joined by other Shulamites, bring to the Light the lies and deceptions masquerading as truth that would entrap unwary believers.

Shulamite Blog

And last but not least, our blog,, has hosted one explosive revelation after another. What began with John’s incredible post on a deep and hidden worship, “Worship God with My Anger,” then lead to Martha’s Habakkuk dealing with God and then a new revelation of David in “What it Means to Keep Your Heart.” There’s a revolution of the heart happening on this blog, and you really don’t want to miss it!

The Holy Spirit is on the move and we invite you to join Shulamite Ministries as we follow Him in worship and repentance, in fasting and feasting, in praise and thanksgiving!

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