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"If God wants something out of you, He will do it."

-Martha Kilpatrick
(Hearing God: Required as Vital)

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The Surpassing Greatness

What is the practical role of God’s power in our daily life? Do we truly believe that He is All-Powerful? Or is it more a mental assent to who God is supposed to be?

In the Message of the Month, “The Surpassing Greatness,” Martha doesn’t just talk about the power of God, she reveals His plan to involve us in its reality.

Surpassing Greatness

“To be able to handle the power of God, we have to be rendered completely unable and even unwilling to use anything, do anything, say anything until He moves.”

It’s not hard to doubt the power of God when we ask Him to move and He doesn’t—at least, not the way we asked Him. It’s not a big leap to move from disappointment to hurt to disbelieving that He ever will move in power. That’s the default mode for fallen humanity. But God wants us, His children, to bring His power into play.

“You cannot master God’s power or demand His power, you can only wait and be an empty vessel for Him to fill with His power.”

Martha’s new Message of the Month reveals the Father’s heart and shows His loving and longsuffering plan to empower His people to rule and reign in this life. Is it possible that we’re obstructing God’s power in our lives simply because we haven’t recognized His hand behind every Cross that crosses us? We are being trained and forged in the fire every day, that we might be fit vessels for the surpassing greatness that is the power of God.

God has spoken once,
Twice I have heard this:
That power belongs to God.
Psalm 62:11 NKJV

Message of the Month Program

At the beginning of every month, Martha Kilpatrick records a teaching born of the Spirit and reflective of where we are as a Body under the headship of Jesus Christ. Shulamite Ministries is able to fellowship with many believers around the world through our weekly podcast and this monthly program. So come fellowship with us regardless of where you are!

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