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"Stop solving by knowledge; learn to still your mind and wait."

-Martha Kilpatrick
(The Spirit and the Wind)

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The Lamb Triumphed!

Our June conference in Atlanta lived up to its title in every way. The Lamb triumphed!  “The Triumph of the Lamb: Christ Enthroned as We’ve Never Seen Him” was an experience that we’ll never forget.

At the end of the first meeting, John Enslow spoke a prayer and a promise over all who were there. The Lord promised that our desire for Him would be met. So John prayed that each person’s capacity to receive all that the Spirit wanted to give would be expanded. And we believe that that prayer was answered and His promise fulfilled.

“What is the key to all favor and blessing of God? Listen to His Voice!”
Martha Kilpatrick, The Triumph of the Lamb

The Lamb Triumphed Over Us All

The Holy Spirit’s welcome was evident in the seemingly effortless flow from one meeting to the next as each message perfectly built into the one that followed. We were introduced to the Lamb of God – His nature, His ways, and His heart – and the call to follow Him was made with the utmost love.

The Lamb of God is a mystery of the heavens. The Lamb slain is also the Lamb on the Throne. The wrath of the Lamb is as real as His complete vulnerability and meekness. Over the weekend, Martha Kilpatrick revealed the story of the Lamb in the Scripture, and in her life. These anointed messages included some of the most personal encounters Martha has experienced with the Lord, with His children, and with the enemy, and each encounter was for the purpose of revealing the Lamb.

“The key to spiritual discernment is LOVE.”
Martha Kilpatrick, The Triumph of the Lamb

The Lamb Triumphed in Abundant Wisdom

Here are just a few topics that the Holy Spirit anointed during this conference:

  • Listening to the Voice of God
  • How to prepare to meet the Lamb
  • The nature of the Lamb
  • Ruling and reigning with the Lamb
  • The Blood of the Lamb
  • The New Covenant
  • The significance of Revelation 11:10
  • Wolves among the sheep
  • Overcoming evil as a lamb
  • The Wrath of the Lamb
  • The power of Jesus’ meekness
  • The Marriage of the Lamb

John is now hard at work editing Martha’s messages so that these vital teachings will be available to all who are hungry and desire to prepare themselves to meet the Lamb. And ultimately, that is the highest purpose of “The Triumph of the Lamb.” Martha’s desire was that all who heard what the Spirit had to say would have a personal encounter with the Lord through it. And based on the responses from those who attended, her prayer was answered!

“If you want to be at the Marriage of the Lamb, you must become one. The Lamb will only marry a lamb.”
Martha Kilpatrick, The Triumph of the Lamb

If you would like to order “The Triumph of the Lamb: Christ Enthroned as We’ve Never Seen Him” messages, you may do so on – and at a discounted rate if you pre-order.

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