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"If you don't assume responsibility for your sin, you will wonder why things in your life don't change and why there is no joy."

-Martha Kilpatrick
(Knowing God: Foundation of Repentance)

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The Triumph of the Lamb

Shulamite Ministries Conference

In June, Shulamite Ministries will host a conference that presents as never before the reward of following the Lamb, today and tomorrow—The Triumph of the Lamb: Christ Enthroned as We’ve Never Seen Him.

Our troubles in this life are not meaningless, and we aren’t left in them to suffer endlessly. The Lamb leads us into peace above all conflict and worldly chaos.

We only think that we know the scope of what our lives will be. But to follow the Lamb is our ultimate adventure. What are we waiting for?

We are all in search of a place to belong and a part in something truly great, something much bigger than us. In the Lamb we find our destiny, our true person and our place. We are fulfilled in the Lamb.

Like all children, we look to our Father for love, affection, and blessing and we go to Him in need. It is in the Lamb that we experience God’s favor and the outpouring of His sustaining provision in our lives.

The rewards of following the Lamb are not intangible, yet some are downright incredible. Significance and influence in life and the world awaits a follower of the Lamb.

As believers, we are assaulted by the enemy on a daily basis. Alone, we can do nothing about this, but in the Lamb? His triumph becomes our victory.

These are just a few of the rewards of following the Lamb of God, and they pale in comparison to discovering for ourselves the truth about the Lamb. How is Christ now a Lamb? What is a Lamb-King? Who is the Lamb…really?

If you are also seeking the answers to these questions, then Martha Kilpatrick and John Enslow invite you to join them and all of us at Shulamite Ministries in Atlanta this spring for The Triumph of the Lamb conference. We want and need to know all that God has poured out and given to us for the purpose of following the Lamb, and we rejoice that it is the desire of the Holy Spirit to show us. We hope and pray to see you in June!

Attending the Triumph of the Lamb

For more information on attending The Triumph of the Lamb conference, please email John Enslow ( and let him know you’re interested.

We will be doing a Shulamite Podcast on The Triumph of the Lamb starting next week.

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