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"The Lord narrows you to enlarge you. He reduces you to enrich you."

-Martha Kilpatrick
(Hearing God: Required as Vital)

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Where are You, God?

Where Are You, God John Enslow
Every so often a believer’s personal testimony transcends the autobiographical and becomes something eternal. Where Are You, God? is one of those testimonies.

Where Are You, God?

In the Foreword to John Enslow’s remarkable booklet, Martha Kilpatrick said it best:

“John is simply that rare man whose courage and curiosity made his very life a living epistle written about Another, and not himself. And that is an unusual thing – the willingness for your life’s poem to be the wonder of another Man, so that you are not the central character of your own drama.”

That is beautifully put and very true. Where Are You, God? takes the reader through John’s journey to find God, but if the reader has a heart hungry for God, every page is another step on their own journey in pursuit of God. And it is that remarkable impartation of the Lord’s own passion and love that so clearly sets apart John’s testimony.

God Wants to Be Found

You will come to know John and his big shepherd’s heart better in these pages, and it is absolutely a heart worth knowing. John approaches every story of both triumph and setback with neither guile nor equivocation. And the result is a clear look at the ups and downs of a true disciple of Jesus Christ. It is that very clarity that points unerringly at the Heart of the Father and causes the reader to search out the move of God in their own life story.

Where Are You, God? holds out hope and courage to believers young and old. If you are seeking Jesus, you will not reach the end of John’s testimony without having seen Him in some new way. We seek the God who wants to be found, and the titular question of this booklet moves surely from “Where are You, God?” to “There You are, God!”

John’s Prayer for You

Where Are You, God? was never intended to be a passive retelling of life events, and it certainly isn’t. It is as lively as the Life that inhabits its author’s heart and as passionate as the prayer that powered John into writing it. It’s only fitting to let one such prayer stand here.

“It is my earnest prayer that you don’t leave these pages thinking only of my experience. I hope you’re led to deeper thoughts about your own. Though I gave examples of my life, this exchange of lives isn’t about just me. It is about Christ’s intent and desire for each of us. I believe you have read this because you, too, are not only designed to experience Christ’s Life as your life but destined for this as well. His Life as our life is how we experience Heaven on earth. It is not without trials and testing, but it is a knowing of Christ that eclipses any other ministry. To have Jesus live His Life through you is to experience the greatest intimacy humanly possible.”

Where Are You, God? is available exclusively in Amazon Kindle format and is currently on sale for 99 cents.


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